21 Ways To Recognise Lack of Respect in A Relationship

It is natural to feel offended by someone who is disrespectful. There are those who pretend that they are not disturbed and some really are not but they are in the minority. Those affected cover their hurt with self-righteous anger in order to justify lashing out at the culprit (most do not).

People generally do not face down these discourteous persons. It is as if they are afraid to own up to feeling disregarded and overlooked. They therefore guard and nurture the negative feelings engendered by these encounters in order to vent on someone close to them.

Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt, kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate. Dr Albert Schweitzer


From observation and experience, lack of respect results from either an absence of social education; people having a bad day and an innocent bystander becomes a casualty; or the deliberate and utter disregard of another person’s feelings which was developed in childhood.

This last point is particularly pervasive in dysfunctional families and people who migrate from such groups and form families of their own continue to perpetrate this behaviour. I grew up in such a family so I know about it first hand.


No matter how you look at it, disrespect is abnormal in any form. I have been guilty of this on occasion and no doubt you have as well. When you go off the rails as people do, you apologise immediately or when you have a firmer grip on your emotions. Anyone who feels they are too “big” to do so shows how small they really are.

I am not saying “be a goody two-shoes”; just act like a responsible adult and treat others the way you want to be treated.

I was full of self-righteous anger for decades from adolescence right into my early forties and I thought apologising belittled me. Happily, I passed that stage and now it is easy to recognise when I am wrong, no matter the circumstances and apologise. How about you?

I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is that you respect me as a human being. Jackie Robinson


Couples manifest their disrespect for each other in verbal and non-verbal ways and both are detrimental to the growth and longevity of their relationship. Believe it or not, it is their mutual self-denigration which brought them together. They call it love but Eckhart Tolle says it is their pain body that was mutually attracted to each other.

When you recognise and are attracted to the Presence in another, that is love.

A man who has no respect for women tends to be attracted to and partner with a woman who has a similar lack of respect for herself.

The first duty of love is to listen. Paul Tillich

At the same time she despises the man (men) and the society in which she lives as it dictates that she has no needs and even if she does, they must be relegated to the back of the line until the man’s is satisfied. She is after all just a walking womb, as well as chief cook and bottle washer in the relationship!

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true i.e. women who are financially and thus, emotionally dominant in relationships. I have had the equally unpleasant experience of witnessing a female relative exhibiting the same negative qualities listed below. It is therefore not a rare occurrence!

Thus, 21 ways to recognise lack of respect in a relationship is not gender based.

  1. Your discussions are often at cross purposes which opens the way for misunderstandings and arguments.
  2. You are visibly impatient with reasons given for an incomplete activity.
  3. You ignore your partner’s/relative’s demand for attention/discussion.
  4. You are not clear when you want something done.
  5. You micro-manage activities.
  6. When you observe that a piece of work demanded is not the way you want it, you say nothing until the job is done.
  7. You talk down to your partner/relative when providing clarification.
  8. You are disdainful or grudgingly accepting of efforts made to please you.
  9. You make excuses for not fulfilling your stated responsibility.
  10. You blame others for your lack of follow-through.
  11. Individuals in this family group overeat to assuage their emotional cravings, or have another addiction for the same purpose.
  12. You think of your partner/relative as manual labour and yourself as the “brain”.
  13. You are the “heavyweight” in the family and your desires/demands rule.
  14. You control the finances in the relationship.
  15. You ignore the real financial needs of your partner.
  16. You dole out money at your convenience.
  17. You feel superior to your partner/relative but will defend them vigorously if anyone trespasses on your “turf”.
  18. You discuss your life plans with your partner/relative yet rarely ask for input.
  19. You project an air of benevolent indulgence when your partner/relative makes a verbal contribution of any kind.
  20. Your discussions usually concern everything other than your life together.
  21. Your partner seems to be an appendage in your life.

Make no mistake, all parties are aware of their dysfunctional relationship. They feed off each other’s negative qualities. They both want to have their cake and ice cream without making the slightest effort towards creating a caring, nurturing relationship.

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. The Dalai Lama

The only way for these destructive cycles to be short-circuited is for each party to recognise that the problem lies with them, their upbringing and consequent beliefs. Admitting this is the first step to healing.

Meditation and therapy make a good mixture to assist them in coming to terms with who they are as individuals (of worth).

Self-love, compassion for one’s self is key here.

Ayurveda History and Ayurveda Myth

Ayurveda has been attributed a divine origin. It is believed that Ayurveda has no origin or end. It is both alpha and omega. Veda is science or knowledge. Knowledge has neither beginning nor end. Ayurveda resides in the eternal cosmic universe, in the protection of gods through the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction.

All the physical universe is dispelled and recreated. There is no such re-creation for knowledge. The knowledge is passed to humans through selected people at appropriate times. According to Indian Vedic tradition the main idea of mankind getting the knowledge of life (a k a Ayurveda) is by a gift by Lord Indra.

The original source of knowledge of life is Lord Brahma, who is also the creator of the whole universe. He taught Aswini twins or Aswini gods the science of life. They then passed the knowledge over to Lord Indra, which he gave to some holy seers.

A group of seers met together to find a solution to the ailments that afflict humans. Their path to knowledge is deep meditation, where they are raised to a level of cosmic enlightenment. Lord Indra found these seers fit to handle knowledge of life or Ayurveda (Ayur- life, veda – knowledge or science).

The seers became vaidyas or doctors who treated the diseased and passed the knowledge orally to their disciples. There were no written texts for Ayurvedic knowledge till a seer named Veda Vyasa compiled the knowledge in writing. Ayurveda or knowledge of life is spread across the four Vedas – Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda.

However the knowledge was spread in an unorganized manner throughout the Vedas and other ancient scripts like Aranyakas and Upanishads.

It was only between 1,400 and 1,000 BC that Ayurveda got a written reference material. Charaka Samhitha by Acharya Charaka and Sushrutha Samhita by Acharya Sushruta and the compilation of the two books, Asthangahridaya by Acharya Vagbhata are the earliest known organized literature on Ayurveda.

These three books – Charaka Samhita, Sushrutha Samhita and Astangahridaya are the basic treatises of Ayurveda. Ayurveda students in Ayurveda medical colleges of Kerala, India study the 1,000 plus year old treatise.

History Of Promotional Products

The first known Promotional Product used in America were commemorative campaign buttons used by George Washington during the Presidential campaign in 1789. In the early 1800’s calendars and rulers as well as some wooden items used for advertising, although an organized industry for creation and distribution did not yet exist until the late 1800’s.

A commercial printer by the name of Jasper Meeks from Coshocton Ohio was the 1st seller of promotional products for the industry when he got a local store selling shoes to print their business name on book bags for local schools. Mr. Meeks local printing competitor Henry Beach followed suit and began printing and selling other items like marbles, aprons, cloth caps, card cases, calendars, and fans to businesses.

In 1904, Mr Meeks and Mr Beach along with 12 other manufacturers of promotional merchandise came together and founded the first Promotional Product Trade Association for the industry. The organization is now referred to as the P.P.A.I (Promotional Products Association International) This organization now includes over 7,500 global members. and represents an industry of more than 22,000 distributors and 4,800 manufacturers across the world.

The United Kingdom & Ireland Promotional Product Merchandise Industry officially emerged as corporate marketing became advanced during the late 1950s. Before this era a company may have handed out occasional gifts, but there still was no recognised Industry in existence. The 1st dramatic growth in the industry began in the 1970s. When an increasing number of corporate companies saw the benefits gained from promoting their Business name, brand and product or service with the use of gifts displaying their own logo. There was a limited choice In the early years of Promotion Products, then at the beginning of the 1980’s demand grew from distributors for a generic Promotional Product catalogue they could distribute to their corporate customer displaying their brand as their own.

In years to follow these catalogues could be over-branded to show a distributor’s corporate logo and then distributors could deliver them to their end-user as a product of their own. In the beginning stages these catalogues were a vital sales tool and customers would order directly from these catalogues.

Beginning in the 1990s new catalogue services became available for distributors from many sources. The Industry created ‘Catalogue Groups’ who offered a specialized catalogue to a selected geographical group of Promotional Product merchandise distributor companies. Membership of a Catalogue Group also offered improved buying term options, a group of fellow distributor companies, & offered more support services. A current example of this type of Group would be the Envoy Group, who offers discounted products to a select group of distributors who have been in the industry for a minimum of three years. These members of the Envoy Group have regional exclusivity as a perk.

Preceding the 1990s the Promotional Product Merchandise Industry had a peak season, this was around Christmas & the giving of gifts. This changed dramatically by the beginning of the 1990s when Christmas gifts became less popular in the growing multicultural Country of England. Corporate companies became more creative by using promotional product merchandise to support their brand throughout the entire year.

In the early 2000’s the role of a Promotional Product merchandise catalogues started to change, because they could no longer fully display the vast range of products being offered. By 2007 companies were mailing catalogues to targeted customer lists, instead of the blanket postal mailing list they were using before. The catalogue has become more of a ‘business card that demonstrates the concept of what a company did, instead of a critical sales tool. In 2009 results published showed research involving a representative group of distributor companies, this indicated the usage of real hard copy catalogues would fall up to 25% by the end of 2010.

Distributor companies are experts in finding a way to source their creative Promotional Products. Traditionally, to make sure that they offered an effective manufacturer network, theses companies kept themselves updated on the trade product ranges available by attending exhibitions held all over the world, the (Trade Only National Show in the United Kingdom, Product Stewardship Institute or (PSI) in Europe and the P.P.A.I Show in Las Vegas, NV) & from the mailings the manufacturers received themselves. In 2004 Promotional Product sourcing began to change due to the launch of online trade sourcing services that became available and united distributors with manufacturers all over the world. This service is completely for vetted trade promotional merchandise distributor companies & is not offered to corporate end-user companies.

By 2008 just about every distributor incorporated a website demonstrating a range of items available. Not many offered the ability to order online mainly due to the complexities surrounding the processes to brand the merchandise needed. Today there are several companies that offer home based business opportunities to sell Promos. This allows the big distributor companies the ability to bring in more orders without having to advertise themselves. Smaller business can compete in the industry since all they need to do is advertise, find orders, and place orders, not having to worry about overhead costs. The fulfillment centers collect the artwork, print the orders and handle delivery.

Understanding Scuba Diving

Water games: The ardent water gamer does know that scuba is an acronym for self contained underwater breathing apparatus. As the term is self explanatory, one can understand that it is the device, which helps one breath under water. Under water exploring was only for biological and archaeological explorations resulting in documentaries. Lately this is done for fun and games as well. Not to forget under water policing, or rescue operations. Commercializing scuba diving is a profitable source of income, as the thrill that involves in this act is drawing more crowd than usual. Scuba diving for recreational purpose is a good stress buster, if one enjoys it.

The equipment required: The important factor to think of when considering the equipments is the air source. One must have at least two air sources, i.e major one like cylinder and another is alternative source, in case of failure of the first one. Regulators are used to breathe from the cylinders. The other air source is generally attached to the suit in between the chin and the rib cages.

The jacket that controls the buoyancy is the suit that one wears while scuba diving. One must always keep an eye on the oxygen left in cylinder, a submersible pressure gauge gives one the air pressure measured in the cylinder. If it becomes very low, divers must know it is time to retreat.

The other important must have things are: the under water compass for sense of direction, divers knife, depth measuring device, flippers or say fins, wetsuits etc. This must not be attempted unless one is trained in this form of diving. The best destination to scuba diving is considered to be Mexico, not be left behind is the Fiji Islands in The Pacific, Cayman Islands, Hawaii, the Islands of Thailand etc.

Great British TV Win at the Emmys

Its official, British TV shows are rocking the world. The recent Emmy Awards prove that Hollywood adore its British imports with the success of awards for some great TV shows and dramas. An Emmy award is an American Television Production award which is considered the equivalent to the film Academy Awards and the music Grammy Awards.

The Emmy Awards recognizes excellence within various sectors of TV. The awards are administered by three organisations: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which is for primetime TV, the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which focuses on daytime, sports, news and documentary shows and finally the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences which is international.

Many British TV actors, writers and directors were celebrating their success at this prestigious award ceremony. Downton Abbey which returned last night with the first part of the second series, took four awards in total. It won best miniseries, best director, and best actress for Maggie Smith. Maggie was not there to pick up the award herself but several cast members were there including her co-stars Elizabeth McGovern, who plays the Countess of Grantham, and Michelle Dockery who plays Lady Mary Crawley. The show also won awards for the writing by Julian Fellowes. Fellowes said: ‘This is really a David and Goliath story, except in this case Goliath was wonderful, some wonderful shows that we were up against, and it seems perfectly extraordinary that we’ve won.’ He also added: ‘None of us know what’s going to be a hit, we make these shows, we hope for the best, but we don’t know why sometimes it comes right and this evening is such a marvellous moment in all our lives because this evening it came right.’ The period drama has been a critical success on the US network PBS.

Further Downton Abbeys popularity was highlighted when ITV’s online player crashed due to high demand from internet viewers. Unfortunately thousands of viewers were left disappointed as the player only managed to showed three adverts on loop instead of the popular programme.

The Emmy Awards which was held at Nokia Theatre L.A. on September 18, 2011 in Los Angeles, California also saw Kate Winslet win her first Emmy award for playing Mildred Pierce in the Great Depression. The talented actress who was dressed in a glamorous red gown gave an emotional expectance speech and dedicated the award to her mother saying “It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do in your life, you never stop needing your mum and I will never stop needing mine, so thanks mum, thank you so much,”

There was a little bit of disappointment for some British actors and actresses as Hugh Laurie lost out wining an award to Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights. Also sadly Scottish stars Kelly MacDonald, of Boardwalk Empire, and Alan Cumming, of The Good Wife, also went away empty-handed.

How Africans Enlarge Their Penises – You Too Can

Some tribes in Southern Sudan and many parts of East Africa have longer than normal penises. They achieve this fit through the usage of a herb locally known as ‘Entengo’ and exercising the penis. In fact women in these parts of the world completely despise men from other parts of the world because of their normally small penises as compared to the local men.

A penis as you may know is a muscle. Like all muscles in the body it grows naturally up to a certain size and does not continue to grow naturally unless if you exercise it or use other means. In the sports world, sports men use gyms to exercise their muscles. You can see them at a distance that, that person is a sports man. This is also true with your penis. You can exercise it and women will see at a distance and know that penis is different from what they usually see.

People from East Africa and Southern Sudan since time immemorial realized that a human penis can only grow as long. So, like other societies in Africa that circumcise their male and female, these other African societies have this ritual of helping their male grow their penises to longer than normal sizes, both in length and girth.

These societies achieve this fit by combining a herb that grows naturally in their societies known as the ‘Entengo’ and combine this with an exercise regime known as the ‘jelqing’. The ‘Entengo’ herb targets the blood circulation into the penis increasing it tremendously. Whenever a man or boy gets an erection the penis receives more than the normal circulation of blood. When this happens the penis is forced to tear by this more than normal flow of blood. When the tissues of the penis tear they never go back to the old size. The penis takes on a new size. You can imagine how many erections you get a day! Within a month of using the ‘Entengo’ herb you will be able to see a distinct difference in size.

If you combine the herb and exercising the penis it even achieves the new dimension even faster. The exercising regime is known ‘jelqing’. ‘Jelqing’ is milking your penis in a stroking format. You pull your penis which must be in a semi erect state in a fashion similar to how a cow is milked. No force should be used, the process must be gentle and not over exuberant. This process helps the penis tear and increase in girth and length.

The ‘Entengo’ herb and ‘jelqing’ combined have been used in African societies since time immemorial and men in these societies have longer than normal penises. In actual fact women in these societies would be disappointed if they ever slept with men from most other parts of the world.

One thing for sure is that you can use the ‘Entego’ herb and ‘jelqing’ at any time in your life and you will be able to achieve a new penis size.

The High Cost of a Cheap Breakfast

A few days ago I saw a sign advertising a 49 cent breakfast biscuit special at a local fast food slop hole. On face value, it seems like a pretty good deal. That is until you start adding up the reality of what it really was going to cost you.

First off, the biscuit is made from a substance similar to concrete which absorbs ten times its weight in liquid and contains ten times the recommended daily intake for salt. These substances were chosen for two specific reasons. One, the most common element in anything dealing with selling anything to a human being is that they are cheap. The other, is that they make you thirsty. The result? You eat this breakfast monstrosity, become bloated and extremely dehydrated, and then order a three dollar bucket sized drink to wash it down your parched gizzard.

But wait, the fleecing isn’t over yet. While standing in line to buy the bucket of whatever it is that you are going to drink, you also buy a pack of gum, which you hope will kill the taste of whatever the meat like substance was that they used to make your 49 cent biscuit so special.

So now that 49 cent biscuit has just cost you $6.50 cents.

What you always have to keep in the back of your mind is that for every action, there is a reaction. Corporate America has researched this concept right down to air we breathe and how much they can charge for it. What this lesson proves is that we have to find a way to defeat this system of corporate induced purchasing and stop spending!

We as a society have one very big problem that stands in the way of this stop spending concept and that is we do not like being told what to do. It’s almost as if we like being sold, ripped off and then relish in complaining about it.

Before we reach the age of 10, most of us have already had our brains soaked with television and we have already been conditioned for a life of corporate manipulation. To reinforce this concept all one has to do is take a look at the number of rich people in this country. The ones, who are rich, are the ones who are doing the selling, while the rest of us work 9 to 5 and do the bulk of the buying. Most of the rich folk don’t even buy the stuff that the companies they own are selling and ramming down our throats because it would shorten their life spans. Why? Because they are smart!

So that means that I have to tell you something, and you’re not going to like it. So guess what? I’m not going to tell you. Figure it out for your self and then stop doing it.

Purchasing Fishing Lures – How To Get Them Online At A Discount

Ever since the Internet has been invented, a lot of changes in the business world occurred. One example is how sporting and fishing goods sell in the market; from conventional retail store to online businesses. More and more people are coming to realize that e-business saves more money and time compared to merchant stores. Since companies save huge amount of capital, the output benefits the customers equally. There are many discounted fishing lures that are being offered all over the world that become accessible to every consumer with just one hit on the mouse button.

Since Internet is open information, you have to be wary when you look around from site to site. Here are some tips you need to remember to obtain safe and fast transaction. The first thing you have to know is what and where you give out your personal information. Be sure to check the bottom right hand corner of the window; a lock icon on the task bar indicates the security of the site. Your payment should be asked after the order has been processed and not before.

The Internet could show you many fishing lure products especially the discounted ones and it is up to the buyer how wise they are in choosing the authentic discount fishing lures. A damaged lure may look brand new with the magic of the Internet so you have to scrutinize each product carefully. Although you will find them cheap, there may be some hidden taxes added on the price so you have to read through the whole advertisement. Most fishing lure websites do not include the shipment of the product once it is already sold so you have to prepare separate budget for that. In the case of large order, be sure to apply for a shipping insurance for your products’ assurance.

Since the transaction is done online, you do not have the advantage of thoroughly checking your product before you actually buy them, so be sure to understand all policies that the online store implements. One of the most important policies of online stores is the return policy. You should have a good understanding of this policy in case you get disappointed with the product. Almost all shops selling discounted fishing lures does not accept return items since they are already on discount. Though some agreement mentions the eligibility of return product, you should still be discreet in all these policies; otherwise, you will lose money instead of saving from the discount.

In most times, if your order is in bulk, you often get additional discount aside from the product sale itself. So, it is better to encourage your friends to buy discount fishing lures together so you could pool your money and end up getting more discounts compared to single purchases. And that’s not all; shipping costs will turn out much cheaper once you and your friends combine your shipment.

Much "Ducking" in Shakespeare’s Time

In Shakespeare’s time there was much “ducking,” but it consisted of hunting a tame duck in the water with spaniels, or a wild one with a “birding-piece,” a sort of primitive musket. Even decoys were used, and called “stales.” For the most part the great bard of the English language used “duck” or “wild-duck” in a generic or metaphorical sense, but we once find “mallard,” in Antony and Cleopatra, Act III: “Like a doting mallard, leaving the fight in height.” In Tempest, Trinculo exclaims: “Swum ashore, man, like a duck; I can swim like a duck, I’ll be sworn.” In Henry VI, Part II, we read something that might be said today: “Believe me, had not your men put up the fowl so suddenly, we had had more sport!”

There are frequent allusions to wild geese. Puck compares the frightened varlets who fled at the sight of Bottom with the ass’s head to “wild-geese that the creeping fowler eye.” The fool in King Lear points out that, “Winter’s not gone yet, if the wild-geese fly that way.” Metaphorically, in Romeo and Juliet, Act II, Mercutio says: “Nay, if our wits run the wild-goose chase, I am done; for thou hast more of the wild-goose in one of thy wits than, I am sure, I have in my whole five.” The poet mentions one specific variety of goose once, the barnacle goose that, it was anciently believed, and with great conviction, was generated from the common barnacle of ships.

Although there are many references to swans and cygnets in the works of William Shakespeare, it does not appear that they ever treat with the wild birds. The loon is used only in the metaphorical sense of coward. Of the related little grebe, the “dive-dapper,’ Shakespeare says in Venus and Adonis: “Like a dive-dapper peering through a wave who being looked on, ducks as quickly in.”

The bard of Avon was familiar with the voracity of cormorants, at least by name and reputation. The “insatiate cormorant” is referred to in Richard II. In Coriolanus we hear of the “cormorant belly”; in Troilus and Cressida of “this cormorant war”; in Love’s Labours Lost of ‘ “cormorants devouring time.” Oriental practices of fishing with cormorants prevailed in England in the time of James I, and there was even a “Master of the Royal Cormorants.” The gull, variously termed “sea-mall,” “sea-mell, or “sea-mew,” is used largely to signify a fool.

Makeup Basics – General Concepts For Makeup Application

Whenever you are going to learn a new skill, or anything new you must start with the basics. Whether it is a sport, driving a car, or cooking a meal. The same is true with makeup. You can discuss different thoughts and different ideas for different occasions, yet they will all start with some foundational concepts. If you follow these basic guidelines, you can give yourself s simple yet fantastic look for any affair.

When thinking about cosmetics, approach it as you would a work of art. After all, you are trying to enhance your beauty. So think of your face as a canvass. Whenever a painter is starting out with a canvass, they will lay down a primer. They want to make sure that the surface they are dealing with is neutral. The same is true with makeup. You will want to start with your foundation.

When applying a foundation, you want to make this look as natural as possible. This is not where you are wanting to make any statements, just provide a nice surface to work with. You will want to choose a color that is complimentary to your own skin color. The foundation is there to cover up imperfections. You will probably want to pick a color that is from a yellow base. Contrary to a lot of opinion, you skin has a yellow tint to it. If you have some problems finding a good color, go to a makeup counter at your local mall. Even though they may try to push a product on you, they can help you understand how to pick out a good color. Then you can go to Target or somewhere like that and get a cheaper product. Once you have what you need, start with a light amount making sure to blend it with the neck and hair lines, being careful not to get it in the hair. Then apply concealer to areas under the eyes and nose that is just a shade lighter than the foundation and only in light amounts. Finally, finish off with a powder and brush off the excess. This will reduce shine and help seal the foundation.

Next move to the eyes. What you want to do here is find a color that is close to your natural skin color. Many people like to go with a multicolor approach. However, for the basics just work the eye shadow in sweeping it to the brow blending it in so it looks more natural. Then take an eyeliner to line the the eyes, Start with the top in the middle and slowly draw out to each corner. Then on the bottom. You can touch up the liner with an eye shadow the same color to give it a more polished natural look. Then mascara starting in the bottom and then the top. You can clean any smudges in mascara with a Q-tip.

Following the eyes, move on to the lips. First you will want to pick a color. For most occasions, you are going to want it to be subtle. So pink color will work well. Stay away from the red colors unless it is a more formal event. Begin with a lip liner that is close to your lipstick color at the middle of your upper lip. Work your way to the corner of your mouth then do it from the center to the other corner. be sure to follow the natural form of the lip. Don’t try to draw in your idea of a perfect lip. It won’t look natural. Then for the bottom start at one corner and work your way to the other. Once this is complete, apply your lip stick to the top and then the bottom. Use a clean tissue and firmly press your lips together to remove the excess and help seal your lipstick.

Finally we will end with the blush. The idea here is to give yourself that natural flushed look you get after exercising. Not the painted look of a circus clown. For pale skins a peach or coral color will work well. For darker skin, a wine or burgundy color will suffice. Using a brush here is good. Start by smiling and exposing the apple of your cheeks. apply it lightly here remembering that less is more. You will wan to make sure to blend the color so that it looks natural and not painted.

Now there are many little tips an tricks to learn to add some more bang to your face. However, start with the basic laid out here and you will do just fine.